With our EQ Pure Arctic Oil Premium Concept you will receive -25% on ALL other products, and an improved EQ Assurance. 

We recommend double dosage the first 2 months – you will receive a box with 3 bottles of EQ Pure Arctic Oil: 2 bottles the first month, then the 3rd bottle so you get started the second month until you receive your monthly auto order with 1 bottle of EQ Pure Arctic Oil. A measuring utensil is included to ensure the correct recommended dosage (PS! The measuring utensil is not dishwasher proof).
We have also added 3 EQ Pure Arctic Oil 10ml samples – perfect for when you are traveling or to give to your friends and family. Did you know that if 3 of your friends or family members order the same product as you – you will receive your product FOR FREE! You only pay for shipping/handling.
EQ Pure Arctic Oil Premium is pre-launched in January, you will receive your 25% discount from February 1st 2018. 

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